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“for my boston fern” in Hart House Review Winter Supplement, launching Friday!

Hi all. Happy New Year!

I know we’re already a few weeks in, but with the sleepier parts of January now long past, I’m happy to announce that one of my poems, “for my boston fern” (one of many with that title, as you might have noticed by now), will be appearing in this year’s Hart House Review Winter Supplement! A launch party for the supplement will be taking place this Friday, January 20 in the Debates Room of University of Toronto’s Hart House…Even though I won’t be able to make it, I really think you should check it out; the last time I was at one of the Winter Supplement launches, the combination of venue + fancy cheese made it one of the classiest poetry readings I’ve ever attended. Also, the fantastic and charismatic poet/musician Rasiqra Revulva will be performing, so you’d be a fool to miss it (personally, since I’m missing it, I’ll be wearing my fool hat proudly). Here’s the facebook event.

Aside from the aforementioned Rasiqra Revulva, I’ll also be sharing space in the Winter Supplement pages with (unstoppable CanLiterary force) David Huebert, as well as many others whose work I’m super-excited to read. One of my favourite things about HHR’s Winter Supplement is that it also centres its design on the work of a visual artist (this year it’s Dahae Song), which tends to produce a pretty unique reading experience. In any case, I hope you enjoy it.

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Four poems in Sewer Lid’s inaugural issue

Hello all,

I have exciting news from last night! The inaugural issue of Sewer Lid, a new magazine of urban art and literature, has just been released online. The issue includes four of my poems (all of which will also be included in my debut collection, Players): “Three Night Buses,” “Connections,” “Words for Rain,” and “Exit.” Fittingly, all four poems are Toronto-related, although their specific topics include everything from the TTC to found fragments of craigslist missed connections (yes, I know the conceit is a cliché, but you’ve gotta do it!) to my improbable love of the Scarberian suburbia. You can read all of these pieces here, but I’d definitely recommend checking out the entirety of issue 1.

I am especially honoured and proud to be part of Sewer Lid, because it feels like an endeavour that has really grown out of my own community. Issue 1 contains work by many writers I know personally (some of them over many years) and whose work I know is great: among them are Danica Fogarty, Jack Hostrawser, Trevor Abes, Joshua P’ng, and Rasiqra Revulva. I’ve yet to take a good look through the issue’s inclusions, but I’m sure I’ll discover a few more gems, too. Perhaps most importantly, I’m proud to be included in a project spearheaded by Ekraz Singh, who is not only an indomitable editor but also an amazing and surprising poet.

In any case, I hope you’ll catch some of my enthusiasm and take a read through Sewer Lid 1!

sewer lid 1


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Words in Commotion, February 2nd at Creatures Creating Gallery

Hi all,

Exciting news! Recently I’ve been working with Amanda Boulos and Creatures Collective to set up an experimental poetry performance night, and our event has now been officially announced. Words in Commotion: A Night of Interactive Experimental Poetry will take place next Sunday, February 2 at 7:00pm at Creatures Creating Gallery (822 Dundas St. West, just West of Bathurst), and you’re all invited to come! Free admission. You can find more info on the event blog here or the facebook event page here.

The evening will feature performances by three of my favourite poets/performers/artists, Miles Forrester, Neal Armstrong, and Rasiqra Revulva – you can find more information about all three on the Words in Commotion event blog (the link’s above). This night won’t be anything like your average poetry reading: aside from writing which is wonderfully strange and formally radical in itself, you can also expect genre-busting performance set-ups and styles that promise to be engaging, if not much more. We’re also hoping to paper the walls with, well, paper, for attendees to contribute their own words and doodles to throughout the night.

I’ll be hosting (and probably throwing in a little bit of my own experimentation, too). There will also be a merch table featuring work from the performers, including my own O Our Ism poster/broadsheets, last year’s Desk Index zine and my new Room zine, which made it’s first, unannounced appearance at the gallery earlier this month. In any case, I hope to see you there!

poetry poster FINAL

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