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Review of Brian Kim Stefans’s Word Toys in Chiasma 5

Hi all,

Normally I like to keep my academic and non-academic work semi-separate, but I thought I’d share an academic book review that might be of interest to any experimental poetry connoisseurs reading the blog. My review of Brian Kim Sefans’s Word Toys: Poetry and Technics has just gone online as part of Chiasma: A Site for Thought, a scholarly journal published by some of my friends at Western University’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism. The review appears near the end of Chiasma‘s fifth issue, “To Be a Body?”

I enjoyed Word Toys deeply. Stefans is unique in that he is equally attentive to both experimental poetry and continental philosophy, rarely shortchanging one for the benefit of the other. Of course, these topics are both also of special interest to me, so I found it incredibly fruitful to read such a rich take on their intersections. Perhaps you will, too?


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