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The Toronto Zine Off and Epistolary Shapes

Hey all,

I had to post a little bit about the fabulous first (with hopefully more to come) Toronto Zine Off, which I attended last night at The Steady (a well loved venue that will unfortunately be closing at the end of the month–it will be missed!). Organized, in part, by friend and fellow poet JM Francheteau on the model of his Ottawa zine offs, the event was intended as a deadline to create a new zine to trade with fellow zine makers. In short, I took up the challenge, had a blast, and came home with a bunch of zines to thumb through! I’d say the night was quite a success, and I’m looking forward to follow-ups being announced on the new Toronto Zine Off facebook group.


Here’s my and Miles Forrester’s zine, Epistolary Shapes, next to some promo copies of Carousel generously provided by Mark Laliberte:


And here’s JM’s photo of all the zines he collected last night (my haul was pretty much the same):


Epistolary Shapes came out of a collaborative project Miles and I started this past summer, before he moved out to Montreal to study at Concordia. The two of us wrote short poems by responding to each other line by line, ensuring each line fit a pre-established length constraint. Although we had always had the intention of transforming the resulting source texts into visual pieces, it took the zine off to finally push us into realizing our vision: after a marathon bout of editing and visualization (all of the final products were put together over about 24 hours), we came up with eight visual poems for the zine. Here are two:


Overall, the past few days have been a pretty exciting way to jump back into zine culture. It’s been a while since I did anything more than gawk at all the tables at Canzine (which I’m not even sure I’ll get to do this year, with IFOA events looming large on my schedule), but last night really reminded me that it’s zine people who make zines such a valuable part of culture. I met and chatted with a lot of fine folks last night, from old friends to new, and I hope to see more of them soon!


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Liminal Spaces by the White House Studio Project at Hamilton’s James Street Supercrawl

Hi everyone,

As usual, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in a fabulously innovative live poetry performance on the night of (well, one of the nights of) Hamilton’s downtown art Supercrawl! My contribution will be to the poetic segment of Liminal Spaces, a multimedia art project slash raging house party organized by the White House Studio Project of Toronto’s Kensington Market. The event is being held at 238 MacNab Street North in Hamilton this Saturday, September 12, with performances starting around 5:00 pm (I’m on early). There’ll also be music, artwork, etc. Check out the Facebook event here.

Liminal Spaces represents an agglomeration of artistic visions, but the poetry component seems especially interesting (at least to me). It definitely won’t be your average reading. The increasingly infamous Acolyte of the Super Actuality Miles Forrester is hosting, and I’ll be performing alongside the likes of dalton derkson, JC Bouchard, Jay Ryan Gobuty, James Kenny, and Dave Duchovny. More importantly, here’s the description…

A prewritten talk show amongst persons of words, Discrepancy Tonight is a hearkening back to a time when conversation had sophistication as well as a peripheral hearkening to the didactic now. Poets talking poems to poets, nothing else.

…I’ll see you on the 12th.


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Visual poetry and performance at Facilitate Presents: Seeing Poetry

Hi everyone!

I’ve been traveling lately, and so I’ve been a bit lax with my promoting game, but I’m nonetheless overjoyed to announce my participation in an event just days away! This Monday night, the wonderful folks at Facilitate will host Seeing Poetry, the second in a promising lineup of performance nights that kicked off last month. I’ll be performing as one of the featured presenters alongside highly-recommended friends Miles Forrester, Jay Gobuty, and Eric Schmaltz, and probably-awesome people I haven’t met Kasia Smuga and Katarina Mücke. The event takes place Monday July 13 at 7:30pm at No One Writers to the Colonel, 460 College St, and you can check out the Facebook page here.

Facilitate’s events are vaguely poetry readings, but Monday’s event especially will feature a wide variety of artistic media including sound, video, discussion, and all kinds of label-bending happenings whose generic aftermaths I can’t even begin to predict. For my own part, I’ll be presenting visual pieces including chapbooks and a poetic card game between performances. I’ll let my plans for my own set remain a bit of a mystery…however, after randomly running into Facilitate facilitator Joe Ianni today and chatting about them at length, I’m looking forward to some unique and exciting results.

See you there!

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Words in Commotion, February 2nd at Creatures Creating Gallery

Hi all,

Exciting news! Recently I’ve been working with Amanda Boulos and Creatures Collective to set up an experimental poetry performance night, and our event has now been officially announced. Words in Commotion: A Night of Interactive Experimental Poetry will take place next Sunday, February 2 at 7:00pm at Creatures Creating Gallery (822 Dundas St. West, just West of Bathurst), and you’re all invited to come! Free admission. You can find more info on the event blog here or the facebook event page here.

The evening will feature performances by three of my favourite poets/performers/artists, Miles Forrester, Neal Armstrong, and Rasiqra Revulva – you can find more information about all three on the Words in Commotion event blog (the link’s above). This night won’t be anything like your average poetry reading: aside from writing which is wonderfully strange and formally radical in itself, you can also expect genre-busting performance set-ups and styles that promise to be engaging, if not much more. We’re also hoping to paper the walls with, well, paper, for attendees to contribute their own words and doodles to throughout the night.

I’ll be hosting (and probably throwing in a little bit of my own experimentation, too). There will also be a merch table featuring work from the performers, including my own O Our Ism poster/broadsheets, last year’s Desk Index zine and my new Room zine, which made it’s first, unannounced appearance at the gallery earlier this month. In any case, I hope to see you there!

poetry poster FINAL

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