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Gerald Lampert Award shortlist / IFOA Poetry NOW recap

Hi all,

Most of what I have to say has already made its social media rounds, but I think it’s important to step back and reflect on the last few weeks. They’ve been a little overwhelming–full of new connections as well as the re-emergence of unanswerable-as-ever questions.

First, I want to thank the League of Canadian Poets for continuing to sponsor and promote the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for a first book of poetry published by a Canadian, for which Players has been shortlisted this year. There’s probably little to say outside the many congratulations and thanks that have already been offered, although I do want to express my deep appreciation and respect for those who administer the LCP and its awards, those who have served as jurors (both this year and in past years), those who read and spread the news of this year’s shortlist, those who were shortlisted, and those who weren’t–basically, everyone whose contributions of attention, expression, and acknowledgement help support a community of which the 2017 LCP awards shortlists are only one of many centres. I’ve been telling friends outside the poetry community that awards like these are really about creating dialogue and (where necessary) solidarity in the artistic and literary landscape; I just hope I’m not alone in thinking that.

Second, I wanted to drive home what a great time I had at the International Festival of Authors‘ Poetry NOW reading at the end of last month. Aside from making new friends and acquaintances (and reconnecting with some old ones) among the poets and patrons I had the opportunity of spending time with at the event, I was also privileged enough to have a front row seat for some of the best readings/performances I’ve ever heard/seen. Pretty much everyone was good, even though the group represented a massive variety of styles that leaves me no less confused about the performance genre of ‘page poetry’ reading than I was a few weeks ago. Still, I came away with the feeling that I’d learned a lot. Stuart Ross’s victory was very well-earned–Ross has definitely perfected a unique style of performance well-suited to his writing, which may be just the thing that makes a reading memorable–although I was also delighted to see that the IFOA invited a generous helping of the evening’s performers back to give readings at this year’s festival in October. Of course, I’m also excited to say that I was one of the poets invited, which means, I guess, that we’ll be having this conversation all over again in the fall. See you then!

(Finally, I couldn’t help but finish this post off by poaching another of the IFOA’s super-sleek promo photos for Poetry NOW. Congratulations again to all the readers!)


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New poem on the League of Canadian Poets’ National Poetry Month blog!


As promised, my untitled poem (“The Mole Rat”) was posted on the League of Canadian Poets’ National Poetry Month 2013 blog today! As mentioned in my post from earlier this month, the blog has been updating throughout April, featuring one poem from an LCP member and another from a non-professional poet every day. I’ve read through many of the month’s posts, and (besides mine) there’s some really great stuff, so I’d encourage everyone to read it. You can check out the blog here: https://lcpnationalpoetrymonth2013.wordpress.com/. Or, if you just want to read my work, you can see it here: http://lcpnationalpoetrymonth2013.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/untitled-the-mole-rat-john-nyman/.

In other news, I also got to perform a poem and interview bill bissett today at Impossible Words! Needless to say, it went great. Check out my last post if you want more information on that series–it runs every two Saturdays in the afternoon, and it’s pretty much always awesome.

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Upcoming poem on the League of Canadian Poets’ National Poetry Month blog!

Hey all,

I just felt like updating, and letting you know that one of my poems should be appearing in a few weeks amongst the new poet features on the League of Canadian Poets’ National Poetry Month 2013 blog! The blog is featuring poems every day from LCP members and non-professional poets, and the selections so far are pretty sweet. You can check them out here: https://lcpnationalpoetrymonth2013.wordpress.com/. (I’ll remind you all again once my contribution gets put up.)

In other great news, it looks like I’ll have another poem appearing in an online publication in early June…more on that once it’s out!

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