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Buffalo, NY: Center for Inquiry / Just Buffalo Literary Cafe

Hey folks,

I’ve been pretty beat this week, mostly from riding the bus out to Buffalo, NY to perform at the Center for Inquiry / Just Buffalo Literary Cafe last night, but I wanted to take some time to thank some of the great folks who made the event happen. First and foremost thanks go to Josh Smith, the incredibly well-travelled Buffalo poet known to many (including me) for his frequent appearances in the Toronto scene: aside from guest-hosting the reading and inviting me to it in the first place, Josh also delivered an impressive tour of the city, took me out to lunch at the bar that invented Buffalo wings (or, as I was later informed, “chicken wings”), and was a pretty great conversation partner for the day. At the reading itself, I was really impressed by the writings/performances of co-features Justin Karcher and Benjamin Brindise, who I definitely hope to see/hear/read again soon (I owe thanks to them, especially, for making me look good, though I also got a lot out of their distinct styles and poetic approaches). Finally, I can’t thank The Buffalo News enough for printing one of my poems from Players, “The Mole Rat,” in their paper’s Sunday edition. I kind of still can’t believe that happened. (Though you can also see the poem for yourself here.)

Overall, it was a privilege to visit the city, and to add another line to the list of places where I’ve been able to share my writing. For a little while at least, I’ll be sending dreams and love in Western New York’s direction.

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Guest appearance at the Underdog Poets Academy

Howdy all,

Just a quick update, from a poet who’s been quite busy with graduate schoolwork recently. Last Sunday the wonderful Sarah Beaudin invited me to make an unscheduled guest appearance at the Underdog Poets Academy at The Central, where I gave a feature performance a few months ago. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, and had the chance to read some on-the-fly selections of some new poems in a cozy room at one of my favourite reading series in the city! Despite my being woefully unprepared and a little hung over, the great Josh Smith claimed that it was among the best performances he’s seen me give–I think I can take some pride in that! If you missed it, don’t worry–I’m sure I’ll find some time to keep workshopping my new pieces at more than one open mic this winter.

One last note: since I more or less forgot to vend my “O Our Ism” set of broadside-poster erasures, I’ve also been invited to put them up for sale at the next Underdog Poets Academy in late January. If the stars align, I’ll be there to show them off, and to take in whatever poetry’s on offer for that month’s edition of the series.

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Feature readings at The Underdog Poets Academy and Livewords!

Hello all!

I’m just coming out of a great week in the world of live poetry, and I have two great pieces of news to announce!

First off, following an exceptional night of performances (and a great open mic spot!) at the wonderfully cozy, supportive and down-in-the-trenches Underdog Poets Academy on May 30th, I’ve been offered a chance to perform at the June installment! I owe many thanks to my friend Sarah Beaudin for the invite, as well as all the hard work she’s put into running a pretty damn unique poetry series. As per the usual format of the Underdog Poets Academy, I’ll be reading alongside some other underpublished, emerging or otherwise “underdog” performers as well as one poet who’s already made a name for themselves in the literary world. A date hasn’t yet been picked for the event as far as I’m aware, but it will be happening this month at The Central, upstairs.

Second, a fabulous evening at the Livewords reading series last Thursday has yielded an equally fabulous surprise: a chance to perform at Livewords in September! It seems I’ve been recruited by Ed Nixon, a man I don’t mind saying publicly I adore, to perform at the September installment of Livewords on September 6 at The Black Swan. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ll also be performing alongside three poets I’m variously familiar with: Natalie Zina Walschots, who I’ve volunteered for at The Scream literary festival; Josh Smith, a charismatic Buffalonian and regular of the Toronto poetry scene; and Jessica Bebenek, a friend and fellow poet in York’s creative writing program (who’s recently been sharing some interesting anecdotes about me in her blog…). The reading is still a few months away (don’t worry, I’ll post a reminder somewhere down the line), but it’s already looking like it’ll be a spectacular night!

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