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Carousel Guelph launch this Wednesday, and a new interview at Vocamus Press

Hi everyone,

Beginning with the second topic, I wanted to take a second to wholeheartedly thank Vocamus Press (Guelph’s champion of local literature) and especially Sheri Doyle, Friends of Vocamus Press’s Director of Communications, for posting Sheri’s interview with me on the Vocamus Press blog just last week. Sheri’s readings of some poems from Players (including some that didn’t make it into the final interview) are really incredible, and I think we opened up some great discussions around things like found poetry, the question of “meaning,” Players‘s road to publication, and even what it’s like writing from the perspectives of my ex-girlfriends. Check out the interview here (and don’t be afraid to skip to the juiciest-looking questions!).

For those in the physical (and not only thematic) vicinity of Guelph, I’ll be reading at Carousel Magazine‘s annual Guelph launch this Wednesday, November 23, starting at 7pm at Silence (46 Essex street, near downtown). (Here’s the facebook event page.) If you haven’t heard of Carousel…well, you should check it out. Aside from readings by me (potentially including some projected visual accompaniments, confirmation pending) and Mark Connery, the event also features sound performance by William Davidson, a projection-performance by Mark Laliberte, and an open mic (!). Alongside the magazine, Mark will also be launching the first issue of his collaborative 4PANEL experimental comic arts project. I don’t think you need any more than that description to realize how cool this is, but you should still check out 4PANEL’s website and instagram.

Happy reading, hearing, and seeing!




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Don DeLillo found poem up at universityheightslit (hopefully with more to come)

Anyone who’s taken a glance at my bio (the link is at the top right of this page) might have found a link to the wordpress for the University Heights Literary Society, York University’s creative writing club, for which I’ve acted as vice-president over the last year. Right now we’re using the page to publish some of the work we’ve finished in or around the group, especially pieces stemming from exercises, workshopping, experimentation, etc. There’s already some great stuff up on the blog by Max Baru and Devin PL Edwards, and now (finally) I’ve added some of my work to the mix.

My first post is a poem called “I Go to See Them Perform Surgery on My Daughter,” which I pieced together using lines taken from Don DeLillo’s Point Omega (a more detailed description of my process can be found in the post’s first comment). Feel free to take a look, and comments either here or at the UHLS wordpress would be appreciated if you have anything to say. Hopefully I’ll be adding more of my experimental work to the blog in the coming months and beyond; as the collection grows, everything I post will be visible here.

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