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Review of JC Bouchard’s Borderline Definitions

Hi folks,

I just found out yesterday (from a friend’s very kind email, in fact) that my review of JC Bouchard’s Borderline Definitions has just been posted on The Town Crier! Many thanks to Jason Freure and the other folks at the bloggy appendage for working to make this as strong a piece as it could be–and, of course, for putting it out into the world.

The piece isn’t so much a book review, actually, as a reflection on the launch event and the too much time I’ve spent at dark, loud Toronto readings with JC and the rest of the scene’s tireless regulars. I’ll let the rest of the review speak for itself, but now that I’m on my own blog, I wanted to add a footnote that ended up being cut from the final piece. In short, this is at once my gesture to the people who make this scene memorable to me, and my apology for not gesturing to them more directly:

Though I considered naming some of the many folks who have made this community so vibrant and impactful, I realized that there are simply too many, and that any decisions about who to include or exclude would only reflect a kind of hierarchization (not to mention bias) that simply doesn’t fit. Instead, I hope their honour will be served by my attempts to articulate the soul of the community they built and continue to build.

And that’s that. If you’re a friend who knows these readings well, I hope you’ll forgive me. If you’re a reader, happy reading!


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