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***Cancelled*** The Devil launches March 27 (Toronto), plus readings in Guelph (March 24) and London (March 28)


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UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, all of the readings mentioned below have been cancelled. Please see my newest blog post for more information.

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Howdy all,

You know it’s been coming. You might have even heard about it. The Devil, my brand-new poetry chapbook with knife | fork | book, is launching Friday, March 27th, 7:00pm at the k | f | b shop in Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw Street). Happily, I’m also looking forward to joining Andy Verboom (whose DBL is also launching as part of the k | f | b spring season) at additional launch readings in Guelph (Tuesday, March 24th, 7:00pm at The Penny Whistle Pub, 102-2 Quebec Street) and London (Saturday, March 28th, 7:00pm at Brown and Dickson, 567 Richmond Street). Finally, I’m also lucky enough to be among the featured poets and singer-songwriters at the Toronto Urban Folk Art Salon that same week, on Thursday, March 26th, 6:00pm at the Mount Pleasant Library (599 Mt. Pleasant Road). All four readings promise culminations of my years of speaking and writing about the Prince of Darkness–and a long-awaited chance to keep spreading the gospel in print.

I’ve put a lot into this book, and I’ve already gotten a lot out of it: the thing’s gorgeous, and more than a few readers have been stirred by its poems over the months and years. I couldn’t be more excited to spread its energy farther afield, especially with the help of the wonderful friends and fellow poets I’ll be joining across Southern Ontario in just a few short weeks. In Toronto: Michael Cavuto and Hamish Ballantyne. In Guelph: Kirby, Candace de Taeye, and Mike Chaulk. In London: Misha Bower, Jason Dickson, Gabrielle Drolet, and Angie Quick. Plus, in all three cities, the unparalleled Andy Verboom.

Of course, I’m excited to see you there, too. Come on out; it’ll be a slice. And, as always, happy reading!


knife | fork | book's spring 2020 publications, laid out on a table: DBL (Andy Verboom), The Devil (John Nyman), Imitation Crab (Hamish Ballantyne), Country Poems (Michael Cavuto)


The Devil / DBL launch event poster featuring John Nyman, Andy Verboom, Candace de Taeye, Kirby, Mike Chaulk


poster for Urban Folk Art Salon, Thursday, March 26th, 6:00-8:00pm, Mount Pleasant Library (599 Mount Pleasant Road)

DBL / The Devil launch event poster featuring Andy Verboom, John Nyman, Misha Bower, Jason Dickson, Gabrielle Drolet, Angie Quick



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excerpts from Your Very Own in long con issue 1

Hi folks,

I may be a few days late blogging about this (the magazine came out FAST), but that doesn’t make me any less happy to be included in the inaugural issue of long con, a new online magazine of art about art spearheaded by Andy Verboom and Kailee Wakeman. Aside from the pleasure of being published by such conscientious editors, I’m also extra pleased to be featured next to more than a few artists and writers I deeply respect, including Annick MacAskill, Angie Quick, Trevor Abes, and others I’m too shy to presume to call friends. Of course, I’m sure the folks I don’t recognize by name have also contributed some excellent work (I’m excited to find out for myself once I can really sit down with the issue), so I wish you a fruitful romp through the magazine!

The pieces I’ve contributed are excerpts from Your Very Own, a visual and textual erasure of Choose Your Own Adventure #43: Grand Canyon Odyssey that is set to be released in full form with JackPine Press. I wrote a sentence or two about the project after the publication of another excerpt in tiny spoon this summer, and you can also check out a blurb about the project at its dedicated page at long con (although I would recommend leafing through the issue a bit, if only to steal ideas from its slick web design). So, I’ll let those links do the rest of the talking.

As always, happy reading!


An erased image from Your Very Own, showing a girl and a boy flying through the air.


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