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Players, Palimpsest Press, 2016. ( (shortlisted for the League of Canadian Poets 2017 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award)


Reviews and Features:

“Poetry in Motion: Players” on All Lit Up

“Praying to Articulate: The Controlled Play of John Nyman’s Players” by Danny Jacobs in Hamilton Arts and Letters

Review by Wally Keeler in Northumberland Today (25 May 2016).




Chapbooks and artist’s books:


(with Miles Forrester) Epistolary Shapes, October 2017.

(with &, collective) &, 2: this happened to one of us, Publication Studio Guelph, September 2016. (

euNoia, Fenylalanine Publishing, January 2016. (

The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-analysis: A Selection, November 2015. ( (artist’s statement)

The Master Doctrine, August 2015. (on Amanda Boulos’s blog:

an erratic sample, July 2014.

O Our Ism, June 2014. (PDF e-book) (about O Our Ism)






“for my aloe,” “for my aloe(s),” and “for my african violet” in Ghost City Review 5, May 2017.

“Min” in oratorealis 2.1, spring 2017.

“for my african violet” in Carousel 38, spring 2017.

“for my boston fern” in Hart House Review Winter Supplement 2017, January 2017.

“The Mole Rat” in The Buffalo News, 4 December 2016.

“for my boat lily,” “for my boat lily,” and “for my boat lily” in S/WORD 6:

“for my boston fern” in Rhapsody 2016, October 2016:

“Naked Baby” in (parenthetical) 10:

“Opinions” and “Goodbye” in Futures Trading 3.3:

“for my boat lily” on Uut Poetry, 25 September 2015:

“Lush” and “for my boat lily” in text 3: (pages 4, 20)

“Two Plants from Above” in Rampike 23.2, fall 2014.

“Bouquet,” “Picasso’s Drawing of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,” “Room,” and “Revolutionary Haiku Composed at Niagara Falls” in Hamilton Arts and Letters 6.2:

“I’ve Started Waking Up Earlier” in Cordite Poetry Review 42 (No Theme II):

“Plastic Skull” in Misunderstandings 15, January 2011.




Creative Prose:


“Manque” in XAGGERA 1 (Fenylalanine Publishing), September 2016.

excerpt from The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-analysis: A Selection in Group Huddle 4, June 2016.

“[repeat]er Manifesto” in (parenthetical) 4:

“Story of Dan” in Writing Without Direction (vol. 1), Clark-Nova Books, May 2010.

“Sleepman” in GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose, Steel Bananas and Tightrope Books, November 2009.




Reviews and Essays:


“Circulations of Intimacy” at Peripheral Review:

“Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Many Silences: Rubber Coated Steel (2016)” at Peripheral Review

“Big Bad / small strange,” catalogue essay for Yes Frills group exhibition (ESP, Toronto):

“White and Conceptual” at The Town Crier (“Conscientious Conceptualism and Poetic Practice”):

Review of Mat Laporte’s Rats Nest in Broken Pencil

“Imagining Working: A Review of Zane Koss’s Warehouse Zone” at The Town Crier

“On “Fail Porn”: A Review of Andy McGuire’s Country Club” in The Puritan 33:

(with Shane Neilson) “The invisible man is in your caesura,” review of Phil Hall’s Guthrie Clothing, A Selected Collage in Hamilton Arts & Letters 8.2:

“The Ashes of Movement,” review of Shane Neilson’s The Manifesto of Fervourism in Hamilton Arts & Letters 8.2: (The Manifesto of Fervourism is viewable online in Ryga 8:

“Excursions in the Art of Lying,” review of Daniel Scott Tysdal’s Fauxccasional Poems at The Town Crier

“Conceptual Writing and Rachel Zolf” in Brick Books’ Celebration of Canadian Poetry

“Worst Case Ontario: An Unapologetic Poetry Tour” in Broken Pencil (online):

“Feeling Postmodern, Failing Postmodern,” review of Edward Nixon’s The Fissures of Our Throats at The Town Crier








“5 Questions with Julie Cameron Gray, David Goldstein, John Nyman and Lisa Richter” on IFOA blog:

Radio interview with &, collective on International Art English (CFRU 93.3 Guelph):,%202017%20at%2011:00%20-%20CFRU%2093.3.mp3

Interview with Sheri Doyle for Vocamus Press:

12 or 20 questions on rob mclennan’s blog:

Interview with Palimpsest Press:

Television interview with Trish Stevenson and Andrea Perry on Inside Guelph (Rogers TV):

Interview with Kevin Heslop for London Open Mic Poetry Night:





Rusty Talk with Michael Prior at The Rusty Toque

Rusty Talk with Paul Dutton at The Rusty Toque



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