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Poetry London reading next Wednesday, April 19

Hi all,

I’m here to post a quick (but passionate!) note about my upcoming reading at Poetry London in London, Ontario. You probably already know that I’m a PhD student at London’s Western University, and that I lived in the city for several years while I was doing coursework. During that time, I was also lucky enough to attend a slew of Poetry London readings (not to mention other poetry events around the city, like the London Poetry Open Mic), to officially introduce Sandra Ridley (who’s shortlisted for a Griffin Prize as of, like, today) when she performed there two years ago, and to meet many of the series’s organizers, hosts, and regular attendees.

I really can’t overstate that the London poetry community is excellent, and that they’ve been excellent to me. Moreover, Poetry London is probably my favourite reading series anywhere: it’s well-curated, professional, immersive, well-attended, and includes expert introductions and (usually) interesting Q & As, plus a workshop the hour before each monthly event. All of this means I’m incredibly honoured to be there; I just hope I have enough new (or new-feeling) material to intrigue and entertain an audience that’s already been following my work for several years.

The reading takes place at the Landon Branch Library in London’s Wortley village, Wednesday, April 19 at 7:30 pm (with a workshop at 6:30). All the details are currently on the series’s front page, here. Finally, I should mention that my co-reader for the evening is Ulrikka S. Gernes, whose CV is simply incredible…I’ll definitely be the upstart artist next Wednesday, but fortunately it’s a role I’m comfortable with. If you’re in London, I hope to see you there!


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Palimpsest Press interview, + upcoming launches and readings

Hi all! Here’s another quick update, in two parts:

First, I’ve just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Palimpsest Press’s Liz Ross about Players (my new, debut poetry collection, if you’re new to the site); that interview is now up on the Palimpsest Press blog. The interview is fairly short, but I think I managed to come up with some bold answers to Liz’s very thoughtful queries about everything from metaphysics to dessert. Check out the full text of the interview here.

Second, aside from my reading at the Underdog Poets Academy TONIGHT in Toronto, I have several readings coming up this week in several Southern Ontario cities. On Wednesday night I’ll be launching Players with Andrea Perry’s Rise (Vocamus Press) at the eBar in Guelph; on Thursday night, I’ll be launching with Palimpsest authors Mark Sampson (Weathervane) and Dorothy Mahoney (Off-Leash) at Brown & Dickson in London; and on Friday, I’ll be in St. Catharines reading at the Border Blur Reading Series’s offering for the In the Soil Arts Festival, Blur Blur Blur, at the Niagara Artists Centre. You can find further details about these and other readings on my full list of Players launch events here.

As always, happy reading and happy listening!

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Players events updates, + TV appearance on Inside Guelph!

Hi all,

Just a few quick updates for you today, with more to come soon! First of all, did you catch my appearance on Rogers tv’s local cable program Inside Guelph yesterday at noon? I’m guessing you didn’t, so here’s a link to the video. It features me and the incomparable Andrea Perry talking about poetry and, most importantly, the launch of our recently published poetry collections next Wednesday, April 27 at Guelph’s eBar. (You can find more details about the event at the facebook page.)

Aside from next week’s Guelph launch, I’ll be performing at readings and launch events in several Ontario cities over the next two weeks. All of these events (including readings in Hamilton, Toronto, and St. Catharines, and the London launch of Players) are listed (with links and details) on my previous post, Players launches and readings, spring and summer 2016.

I’ve also just added a few updates to that list, including: (1) full details and a facebook event page for the Palimpsest Press London launch next Thursday, April 28; (2) a link to the facebook event page for “Blur Blur Blur,” the Border Blur Reading Series’s instalment at the In the Soil Arts Festival in St. Catharines next Friday, April 29, as well as a link to purchase tickets at the In the Soil Festival’s website; (3) details for this Sunday’s Underdog Poets Academy, which I’m delighted to discover will include a reading by dalton derkson, who’s probably one of the brashest and most experimental performance poets in Ontario.

As mentioned, I will have more updates on a variety of themes very soon. Until then, happy reading, watching, and listening!

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Players launches and readings, spring and summer 2016

Hi everyone,

As you might expect, I’ve been planning a range of launch events and other readings across Ontario to accompany the launch of my debut poetry collection, Players. Though the book’s official launch date is April 15, these events will be happening on different dates over the next few months.

This is a current list of all the events I have in the works. I’ll be adding more information to these entries as it becomes available.

All events are free to attend unless otherwise noted.

  • Toronto – April 5 – 7pm, Another Story Bookshop – Palimpsest Press Toronto launch with Mark Sampson (Weathervane) and Shawna Lemay (Rumi and the Red Handbag). Refreshments will be served.
  • Hamilton – April 22 – 12pm, Hamilton Central Library – Lunch Hour Concerts with The Caskey School of Music and John Terpstra.
  • Toronto – April 24 – 7:30pm, The Central – The Underdog Poets Academy with dalton derkson and Eloisa Toledo Francia.
  • Guelph – April 27 – 7pm, eBar – book launch with readings by Andrea Perry (launching Rise, Vocamus Press), Allison LaSorda, and the &, collective, and music by Ruth Anna Lindemeir.
  • London, ON – April 28 – 7pm, Brown and Dickson (Novacks Building, 211 King Street) – Palimpsest Press London launch with Mark Sampson (Weathervane) and Dorothy Mahoney (Off-Leash).
  • St. Catharines – April 29 – 7:30pm, Niagara Artists Centre – Blur Blur Blur: An Evening of Multidisciplinary Poetry + Performance (Border Blur Reading Series at In the Soil Arts Festival). Tickets for this event are $10 (or free with an In The Soil festival pass), and are available at the In the Soil Arts Festival website here.
  • Toronto – May 31 – 8:00pm, The Black Swan – Art Bar with Dane Swan and Paulina O’Kieffe
  • Coburg –  June 2 – 7:30pm, The Human Bean – Coburg launch of Players at lay your WORD down, Coburg’s monthly open mic.
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London Open Mic Poetry update: interview, poems, and bio online

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my upcoming feature reading at London Open Mic Poetry, which is happening next Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 (doors at 6:30) at Mykonos restaurant near Adelaide and Central. Everything I wrote there is still true (especially the parts about my wanting to see you at the reading!), with two important additions:

First, I’ve recently learned that London Open Mic Poetry’s special National Poetry Month event will include two feature readers. This means that I’ll be reading alongside Penn Kemp! Kemp, if you’re not familiar with her, was London’s inaugural poet laureate, along with holding a slew of other honours and accolades I won’t even attempt to take full stock of here. Needless to say, I’m quite humbled (and a little petrified) to be featuring with her, but I’m looking forward to both of us stirring up some excitement.

Second, my interview with London Open Mic Poetry co-organizer Kevin Heslop (himself a thoughtful and imaginative poet) has just been posted online! The interview appears along with my bio and four poems I’ve previously published in other venues, and you can read it here. I should point out that among all the things I really love about London Open Mic Poetry, Kevin’s interviews (which he conducts with every month’s featured reader) are some of the most impressive. For this month’s he definitely hit me with some thought-provoking questions, and I can’t help but feel like my answers are some of the best things I’ve ever managed to say about poetry. If you’re curious about my thoughts on linearity, ambiguity, formalism, the speaking “I,” or the connection between language and technology, you should check it out.

If you didn’t already have enough reason to come out on the 1st, I’ll also be making a special announcement during my set. But that’s all I can say for now. I hope to see you there!

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Feature reading at London Open Mic Poetry on April 1st!

Hi everyone!

It turns out I’ve been busy enough lately to neglect posting to this blog (I even forgot to mention having the privilege to introduce the fabulous Sandra Ridley at Poetry London, an exceptionally curated reading series here in London, Ontario, last month), but now that I’m back at it, I have good news: I’ve been invited to be the featured reader at London Open Mic Poetry on April 1st! Needless to say, I’m very excited to read, and even more excited to bring out some slightly off-the-wall (or at least unique) performance approaches for the event. I’ll also have my collection of experimental and not-as-experimental chapbooks in tow for the audience to thumb through at their leisure (and perhaps to take a copy home).

The event takes place Wednesday, April 1st at Mykonos restaurant on Adelaide, with open mic signup at 6:30 and the reading beginning at 7:00. More information can be found at the London Open Mic Poetry event details page here (though you’ll have to ignore the special note about the April event, which isn’t relevant this year), or on the London Open Mic Poetry facebook page. There will also be more information posted about next month’s event in the coming weeks, which I’ll be sure to link to in upcoming blog posts.

Of course, the event also features a massive open mic (with five minutes given to each poet, so you’re welcome to bring a few pieces) which tends to be one of the best I’m familiar with. I’ve come to many London Open Mic Poetry nights over the past year and a half, and I have to say that overall it is an amazing event. My praise and thanks go out to organizer Stan Burfield and the rest of the team including Joan Clayton, Kevin Heslop, and Shelly Harder, both for hosting me next month and for putting on such a great show every month so far!

In short, I look forward to seeing you on April 1st!

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Table at WordsFest London Local Authors’ Book Fair, 10-2 on October 25

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotten quite settled into the academic year in London, Ont. over the past few months. To my delight, I’ve also been given the honour of showing off some of my zines and chapbooks here at the upcoming Local Authors’ Book Fair this Saturday, October 25, from 10am to 2pm at Covent Garden Market (upstairs on the mezzanine level)! The fair is part of WordsFest London, a weekend-long celebration of “all things wordy,” and is only one of many amazing events listed at their website.

During the fair I will be showing and selling some of the books I created over this past summer, including the mixed media chapbook “an erratic sample,” “Push,” “Room” and “Desk Index” zines printed on vellum, and my “O Our Ism” photographic book of erasures. I’ll also be featuring chapbooks by fellow poet and student Jeremy Colangelo, which I haven’t laid eyes on but which (judging by the work of his I’ve been privileged enough to read) should be fantastic. And finally, if all goes well, I’ll be ‘playing’ my newest collaborative poetic project with visitors to the table. If you’re in town, you should come check it out (and say hi)!



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Introducing Jacob Scheier at London Open Mic Poetry Night this Wednesday, March 5th

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy to let you all know that I’ve been invited to introduce Jacob Scheier at his feature reading this Wednesday at London Open Mic Poetry Night, a wonderful monthly poetry series here in London, Ontario, organized by Stan Burfield. If you’re any one of the fine folks I know (or don’t know) here in London, I invite you to come out–regardless of having such an awesome featured reader this month, the event is consistently excellent. London Open Mic Poetry Night takes place at Mykonos Restaurant (572 Adelaide Street North) with live music at 6:30 and Scheier reading around 7:00. The open mic will follow.

Along with all this good news, I was also told that Jacob said some of my poems he’d heard “were great.” Who knew! Hopefully I can come up with some praises which are at least as glowing in my introduction.

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