Rusty Talk with Paul Dutton

Hi everyone,

I’ve already been spreading word about this a little bit, but I wanted to write a few notes here about The Rusty Toque‘s newest interview, my Rusty Talk with Paul Dutton, which went online just a few days ago. Most of the context should be clear in the interview and its introduction, but the “talk” (or, more specifically, a kind of email questionnaire, as Paul stressed) was mostly organized around my reading of Sonosyntactics, Paul’s selected and new poetry (edited with an introduction by Gary Barwin, and with a fiery afterword by the author), which I thoroughly enjoyed from a variety of angles. I also read a few of Paul’s past interviews, though I truly believe he came up with some of his best responses in this one…especially on the themes of choice (both readerly and writerly) and the relationship(s) between art and politics.

In any case, reading Sonosyntactics and working with Paul on the interview was truly a privilege, both because of his stature as an artist and because of the incredible uniqueness of his artistic style(s). If you haven’t heard his soundsinging, it’s definitely worth a watch or a listen at his website, Or you can check out an excerpt of his writing in the interview!

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