Upcoming readings in Toronto and Coburg

Hi everyone!

I have two readings to announce, both of which are coming up in just over a week’s time.

First, I’ll be reading at the Art Bar reading series in Toronto next Tuesday, May 31. Art Bar has been one of my favourite reading series for many years (in fact, it was the first series I ever attended regularly), and I’m always more than pleased to read there. At the same time, it’s been rare to hear the series brought up without a touch of melancholy over the past few months, since the Art Bar organizers have announced that it’ll be coming to a close (after 25 years of weekly readings!) later this summer. Despite its problems, I always thought the series did a great job of bringing together poets from different traditions, communities, and generations, and they almost always put together an impressive card. Even more impressive, they did it every freakin’ Tuesday, without fail. I’ll be sad to see them go. But I’m also happy to get a chance to celebrate their accomplishments with them during one of their last shows…and this looks like it’ll be a good one, with Dane Swan and Paulina O’Kieffe (both dynamic performers) featuring alongside me. The event starts at 8pm next Tuesday, May 31 at the Black Swan tavern (near Broadview station). Check out the facebook event page here, and don’t forget to bring something for the open mic!

Second, I’ll be reading at Coburg, Ontario’s monthly open mic, lay your WORD down, next Thursday, June 2. I don’t imagine many of you have a good sense of the small town of Coburg, but I’ve had the pleasure of discovering that it’s a kind of poetry haven in Ontario. The poets and audiences there really blew me away when I visited last year to take part in their T E X T ual A R T ivity visual poetry show, so I’m really delighted to get the chance to visit again as part of my launch tour for Players. If you can make it out , I’ll be sure to put on a good show. You can check out the lay your WORD down facebook event here.

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