Performance at The Quilliad’s first chapbook launch March 31, with printed copies of euNoia

Howdy folks,

I’ve already gushed about my love for The Quilliadfabulous print magazine, inspiring small press, and home of the inexplicably awesome Poetry Parrot–in previous posts. Luck would have it that the press’s Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Varnam, has invited me to perform at The Quilliad’s first chapbook launch and retrospective! The event features the launch and a reading of Geoffrey Nilson‘s We Have to Watch, as well as short sets by past Quilliad contributors (including me!). It’s all happening this Thursday, March 31, 7pm at Betty’s on King in Toronto. $5 cover gets you either a back issue of The Quilliad or half the sticker price of We Have to Watch.

Of course, I’m mostly excited to take a gander at Nilson’s chapbook this Thursday. But I’m also excited to (1) share some pieces  from my debut poetry collection, Players, which is launching in JUST ONE WEEK, and (2) to show off the long-awaited printed edition of my typographical remix chapbook, euNoia, which was published online by Fenylalanine Publishing earlier this year. See you Thursday!

P.S. If you’d like to own a copy of euNoia for your coffee table or zine shelf (a great fit for either, I think), they’ll be on sale for the super-cheap price of $5! The printed edition even comes with this exclusive cover, designed and databent by yours truly.

cover FP15 euNoia (chapbook) v2


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