Four poems in Sewer Lid’s inaugural issue

Hello all,

I have exciting news from last night! The inaugural issue of Sewer Lid, a new magazine of urban art and literature, has just been released online. The issue includes four of my poems (all of which will also be included in my debut collection, Players): “Three Night Buses,” “Connections,” “Words for Rain,” and “Exit.” Fittingly, all four poems are Toronto-related, although their specific topics include everything from the TTC to found fragments of craigslist missed connections (yes, I know the conceit is a cliché, but you’ve gotta do it!) to my improbable love of the Scarberian suburbia. You can read all of these pieces here, but I’d definitely recommend checking out the entirety of issue 1.

I am especially honoured and proud to be part of Sewer Lid, because it feels like an endeavour that has really grown out of my own community. Issue 1 contains work by many writers I know personally (some of them over many years) and whose work I know is great: among them are Danica Fogarty, Jack Hostrawser, Trevor Abes, Joshua P’ng, and Rasiqra Revulva. I’ve yet to take a good look through the issue’s inclusions, but I’m sure I’ll discover a few more gems, too. Perhaps most importantly, I’m proud to be included in a project spearheaded by Ekraz Singh, who is not only an indomitable editor but also an amazing and surprising poet.

In any case, I hope you’ll catch some of my enthusiasm and take a read through Sewer Lid 1!

sewer lid 1


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