Players available for pre-order from Palimpsest Press

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve held back on writing any kind of formal announcement (I’ve been hoping that word would trickle through the community’s floodplains in due course), you may have heard or seen that I’ll be publishing my first book-length poetry collection, Players, with Palimpsest Press in the coming months. The book will be released in mid to late April, but if you’re anxious to secure a copy you can pre-order one (at a pretty awesome price, in fact) from Palimpsest’s website at The press has a lot of other titles, both published and forthcoming, that are also worth a close look, so take some time to explore the site!

I have lots to say about Players, only some of which will be printed in its notes and acknowledgements, but for the time being I’m still collating my thoughts and words. However, you can look out over the next few months for posts about book launches in several cities, readings in several more, and (hopefully) other kinds of promotion and conversation.

Finally: did I mention how excited I am?!

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One thought on “Players available for pre-order from Palimpsest Press

  1. d78hill says:

    Congratulations John! I look forward to hearing more about your tour!

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