euNoia and Fenylalanine Publishing

Happy New Year!

It looks like 2016’s starting off with a bang: just today, my poetic remix euNoia was released online with Fenylalanine Publishing, a Guelph-based press headed by David J. Knight. euNoia is, I’d like to think, a unique work, combining influences from conceptual poetry, remix culture, and typographical art. The chapbook’s procedure is nonetheless fairly straightforward: it features precise reproductions of the first page of each chapter of Christian Bök’s Eunoia, but with the capitalization adjusted to highlight each section’s vowels and consonants, alternatively. I’ve always been enamoured with the visual patterns formed by the typography of Eunoia‘s chapters (which, if you’re not familiar with the book, each employ only one of English’s five vowels), and I imagined that a minimal change in the text’s presentation could bring those pattern out in a new way. euNoia is Fenylalanine’s fifteenth publication; you can see the full document on Fenylalanine’s wordpress page here.

Fenylalanine Publishing itself is a pretty interesting project to dive into. I had the pleasure of meeting David, the press’s founder, this past December at its first in-person launch event (although many online editions had already been published in 2015). Speaking off the cuff about Fenylalanine’s mission, David stressed that literacy, as far as he understands it, means reading the spaces in between the reference points established by existing genres and categories; as such, Fenylalanine aims to publish works that resist classification. Its output to date has included artworks and ephemera from verse poetry to asemic writing to found photography, highlighting projects that straddle the boundaries between image and text, and between page and screen. I highly recommend browsing some of Fenylalanine’s publications, either on the wordpress page linked above or through the posts on their facebook page.

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