“Naked Baby” in (parenthetical) 10, at Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market (Nov. 14) and Words(on)Stages (Nov. 19)

Hey folks!

Exciting news for two upcoming weekends and one fantastic publication: issue 10 of (parenthetical), featuring my poem “Naked Baby,” will be releasing with (or so I’ve heard) special advance copies at this Saturday’s Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market, followed by an official launch at Words(on)Stages next Thursday, November 19.

I’ve already gushed about the brilliance and dedication of Words(on)Pages‘ Nicole Brewer and Will Kemp, who publish (parenthetical) online and in print (I should add: in one of the most exquisite hand-bound editions available anywhere) and host the monthly reading series Words(on)Stages. If you catch them this Saturday at the Indie Literary Market (itself a fabulous event featuring all stripes of indie publishers, as well as the announcement of the bpNichol Chapbook Award winner), you’ll get a chance not only to pick up an advance copy of (parenthetical) 10, but also back issues of the magazine and other unique and amazing Words(on)Pages chapbooks. If you catch them at Words(on)Stages, you’ll get to see readers from the new (parenthetical) issue, an open mic, and featured poets Spencer Butt (SO worth it) and Adam Ward. Either way, it’s a win.

Finally, it’s probably worth pointing out that “Naked Baby” is nothing less than a vivid, sensual, and voluptuously sonic reflection on my experiences at the Toronto Islands Hanlan’s Point clothing optional beach. I think I’ve said enough.


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