The Quilliad launch TOMORROW NIGHT, with a new poem!

Greetings all,

I wanted to write a quick post today to celebrate tomorrow night’s launch of issue 6 of The Quilliad, for two reasons. First, The Quilliad is an amazing literary and arts magazine (and, coming off their recent Kickstarter campaign, soon-to-be chapbook press) featuring surprising and delightful visual art, short fiction, and poetry. Second, their upcoming Halloween-themed issue includes a poem by yours truly–a little piece I’ve been working on about the infamous silent film depiction of Nosferatu (and, hey look, the folks at The Quilliad have even put together a teaser image of it!–check that out at the bottom of the post). Plus, a bonus Third reason: tomorrow night’s launch will be a costume party! If you’re looking for some great art and pre-Halloween hangouts, check out the launch tomorrow night (Thursday, October 29) at 7:30pm at Betty’s on King East in Toronto. $5 cover gets you a copy of the magazine. You can also get more details at the Facebook event page, or from the poster below.

Happy Halloween!





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