Liminal Spaces by the White House Studio Project at Hamilton’s James Street Supercrawl

Hi everyone,

As usual, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in a fabulously innovative live poetry performance on the night of (well, one of the nights of) Hamilton’s downtown art Supercrawl! My contribution will be to the poetic segment of Liminal Spaces, a multimedia art project slash raging house party organized by the White House Studio Project of Toronto’s Kensington Market. The event is being held at 238 MacNab Street North in Hamilton this Saturday, September 12, with performances starting around 5:00 pm (I’m on early). There’ll also be music, artwork, etc. Check out the Facebook event here.

Liminal Spaces represents an agglomeration of artistic visions, but the poetry component seems especially interesting (at least to me). It definitely won’t be your average reading. The increasingly infamous Acolyte of the Super Actuality Miles Forrester is hosting, and I’ll be performing alongside the likes of dalton derkson, JC Bouchard, Jay Ryan Gobuty, James Kenny, and Dave Duchovny. More importantly, here’s the description…

A prewritten talk show amongst persons of words, Discrepancy Tonight is a hearkening back to a time when conversation had sophistication as well as a peripheral hearkening to the didactic now. Poets talking poems to poets, nothing else.

…I’ll see you on the 12th.


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