Visual poetry and performance at Facilitate Presents: Seeing Poetry

Hi everyone!

I’ve been traveling lately, and so I’ve been a bit lax with my promoting game, but I’m nonetheless overjoyed to announce my participation in an event just days away! This Monday night, the wonderful folks at Facilitate will host Seeing Poetry, the second in a promising lineup of performance nights that kicked off last month. I’ll be performing as one of the featured presenters alongside highly-recommended friends Miles Forrester, Jay Gobuty, and Eric Schmaltz, and probably-awesome people I haven’t met Kasia Smuga and Katarina Mücke. The event takes place Monday July 13 at 7:30pm at No One Writers to the Colonel, 460 College St, and you can check out the Facebook page here.

Facilitate’s events are vaguely poetry readings, but Monday’s event especially will feature a wide variety of artistic media including sound, video, discussion, and all kinds of label-bending happenings whose generic aftermaths I can’t even begin to predict. For my own part, I’ll be presenting visual pieces including chapbooks and a poetic card game between performances. I’ll let my plans for my own set remain a bit of a mystery…however, after randomly running into Facilitate facilitator Joe Ianni today and chatting about them at length, I’m looking forward to some unique and exciting results.

See you there!

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One thought on “Visual poetry and performance at Facilitate Presents: Seeing Poetry

  1. […] some of my work at the fabulous Facilitate event Seeing Poetry last week inspired me to make one of my major visual poetic projects more readily available online. […]

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