“Space” on NationalPoetryMonth.ca

Hi everyone,

I’ve had the opportunity to post lots of updates about my visual poetry lately–it seems like National Poetry Month has really brought it into the spotlight! This time, I’m happy to announce that my visual/conceptual poem/paper object “Space” has just appeared on Angel House Press’s NationalPoetryMonth.ca as today’s installment of their month-long celebration of visual poetry. The website will feature a new vispo image by a different artist for every day in April, so you can keep checking back throughout the month for more (along with browsing the images that have already been posted). You can also access a permanent link (well, at least until National Poetry Month arrives again next year) to my piece here.

A brief note on the piece: “Space” includes text appropriated from the first few pages of the “Space” chapter of Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception. Parts of the text are printed on three pages of translucent vellum paper; the rest of the piece is composed of cardstock and bookbinding thread.

Thanks for reading!

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