Visual poetry on display at T E X T ual A R T ivity in Coburg, Ontario

Hi all,

I am well overdue for this update: after visiting The Human Bean coffee house in Coburg, Ontario this past Thursday, I knew I had to post about the T E X T ual A R T ivity exhibition that has occupied the walls there since the beginning of the month. The annual celebration of visual poetry, put on by Poetry in Coburg Spaces (piCs), features a variety of my own contributions, including the visual poems (perhaps something like “textual constructions” would be a better term) “my african violet, from above” and “my boat lily, from above” (both of which were published in Rampike), pages from my O Our Ism artist’s book/series of erasures, and text art made with translucent vellum paper. Along with many other excellent visual poets and artists, this year’s exhibition also includes work by bill bissett and Robert Zend, who are discussed at length in Wally Keeler’s article on the exhibition.

I don’t imagine many of my readers find themselves in Coburg too often, but if you are passing by, I would highly recommend stopping to see some great art in a great coffee house! The exhibition will be up until the end of April.

Leaving aside the exhibition itself, I also had a great time last Thursday at the opening / reception, which was also this month’s edition of the monthly reading series and open mic “lay your WORD down!” (information on the event and some notes on the exhibition are available on the facebook past event page here). It was wonderful hearing some of the work Coburg’s poets had to present, and I have to say they made up one of the most welcoming and receptive audiences I’ve ever met for my own open mic performance (let alone my visual poetry!). It was also great to meet James Pickersgill, Wally Keeler, and Coburg’s Poet Laureate Ted Amsden, all of whom deserve my extended thanks for their hard work at setting up the exhibition.

TEXTual ARTivity(photo by Amanda Boulos)

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3 thoughts on “Visual poetry on display at T E X T ual A R T ivity in Coburg, Ontario

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