Feature reading at London Open Mic Poetry on April 1st!

Hi everyone!

It turns out I’ve been busy enough lately to neglect posting to this blog (I even forgot to mention having the privilege to introduce the fabulous Sandra Ridley at Poetry London, an exceptionally curated reading series here in London, Ontario, last month), but now that I’m back at it, I have good news: I’ve been invited to be the featured reader at London Open Mic Poetry on April 1st! Needless to say, I’m very excited to read, and even more excited to bring out some slightly off-the-wall (or at least unique) performance approaches for the event. I’ll also have my collection of experimental and not-as-experimental chapbooks in tow for the audience to thumb through at their leisure (and perhaps to take a copy home).

The event takes place Wednesday, April 1st at Mykonos restaurant on Adelaide, with open mic signup at 6:30 and the reading beginning at 7:00. More information can be found at the London Open Mic Poetry event details page here (though you’ll have to ignore the special note about the April event, which isn’t relevant this year), or on the London Open Mic Poetry facebook page. There will also be more information posted about next month’s event in the coming weeks, which I’ll be sure to link to in upcoming blog posts.

Of course, the event also features a massive open mic (with five minutes given to each poet, so you’re welcome to bring a few pieces) which tends to be one of the best I’m familiar with. I’ve come to many London Open Mic Poetry nights over the past year and a half, and I have to say that overall it is an amazing event. My praise and thanks go out to organizer Stan Burfield and the rest of the team including Joan Clayton, Kevin Heslop, and Shelly Harder, both for hosting me next month and for putting on such a great show every month so far!

In short, I look forward to seeing you on April 1st!

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One thought on “Feature reading at London Open Mic Poetry on April 1st!

  1. […] few weeks ago I wrote a post about my upcoming feature reading at London Open Mic Poetry, which is happening next Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 (doors at 6:30) at Mykonos restaurant near […]

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