New zines available at Broken Pencil x NXNE Mini Zine Fair this Sunday, June 22

Hi all,

Hope you’re all excited for my feature performance at Outrageous on June 30 – I’ve been busy preparing some of  my wildest material yet. In the meantime, I’ve been working on a variety of experimental poetic zines which (if all goes well) will be on sale this Sunday at the Broken Pencil x NXNE Mini Zine Fair. They’ll be displayed at the Steel Bananas table curated by my good friend Neal Alexander Armstrong, ready for your perusing or purchasing pleasure from 2:30 – 6:00 pm. The fair is happening at 25 Gould St. near the Ryerson campus, and it’s also hosting a few other great vendors you should check out. Here is the event’s facebook page (I can’t, at the moment, find a more detailed source of information about it online).

In case you need some tempting to come check out my new projects, or if you can’t make it but are curious, the following are some notes about what I’ve been working on. Of course, I’ll also have all or most of these zines with me at my upcoming readings, and perhaps even a few other events I might make it out to (provided I get an invitation to take up space at the merch table).

First, I’ve revamped two zines I’ve previously put out in a very low-budget format: “Desk Index,” an alphabetized list of every textual phrase inscribed on any object on my bedroom desk; and “room,” a collection of six pieces of my bedroom furniture rendered in text characters. The new versions I’ve made are, well, better. But more specifically, I’ve printed them using vellum, a translucent paper which lends a wild effect to conceptual/visual pieces like these. You can get a sense (the slightest sense) of it in the photograph below, but really, you have to get the book in your hands to see what it’s like.

I’ve also produced a new, larger zine called “Push,” based some of my recent experiments with visual poetry designed to roughly emulate the aesthetic of untranslated computer code. This one’s also printed on vellum, and again, you can get a sense of it below. Honestly, I think it’s pretty cool.

Finally, over the past month I’ve been working at compiling my O Our Ism series of erasures into a larger book, which is now complete! The series is a group of two-page tabloid size spreads scanned from a comprehensive history of photojournalism, from whose captions (originally in English, French, and German) I’ve erased select words to produce short poems. The result is a series of pages featuring beautiful and awe-inspiring historical photographs (often of unclear origin) set beside narrow columns of words swimming in white space. From these I’ve compiled a book which is an almost exact recreation of the original, minus the erased words…except, of course, that it is much, much thinner, since I’ve only done erasures on some of the spreads. It is expensive to print and thus expensive to own, but if you see a copy at the fair you’re invited to flip through without intention to buy, or even read through the whole thing right there. This one isn’t in the photograph below…but hey, I need to give you some reason to see these in person, right?



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2 thoughts on “New zines available at Broken Pencil x NXNE Mini Zine Fair this Sunday, June 22

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