Reading at Chrysalis / Go Ahead Eagles launch Saturday, April 19

Howdy everyone,

So far this month I’ve spent most of my time plugging away at the last of my coursework for the term (in preparation, of course, for a hurricane of Toronto arts activity this summer). Luckily, though, I’ll be able to venture out of my hovel to perform as a feature reader at a wonderful event this Saturday: the twin launch of the new issue of Chrysalis poetry zine and the first issue of Go Ahead Eagles artzine! The event will take place Saturday, April 19 at Betty’s (240 King Street East) in Toronto; cover is $10, which includes a copy of both zines. You can check out the Facebook event page here.

Although my work is not featured in the new issue of Chrysalis, I have appeared in its hand-crafted pages before and have only great things to say about the publication. It just so happens that Go Ahead Eagles (which also looks spectacular) does feature a little bit of writing by yours truly, despite its being “a zine for art and art only.” More details on that when you come out to the launch!

Of course, I’ll also be bringing along O Our Ism broadsides and Desk Index and Room zines for sale at very reasonable prices (which, in the case of the latter two, may be as low as free). There may also be the surprise appearance of a new manifesto pamphlet I’m hoping to start peppering some local arts enclaves with in the near future.

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