Livewords August 1st: guess who’s hosting again?

Hello all!

I have some very exciting news to spread! Earlier this month, on July 4th, I was very happy to co-host July’s edition of Livewords along with the series’ organizer and usual host, Edward Nixon. Our three readers – Jim Johnstone, Jeramy Dodds, and Ian Williams – were all excellent, as were our open mic readers.

Apparently I wasn’t too shabby as co-host, either, because I’ve been invited to host the August edition of Livewords on Thursday, August 1! This time it’ll be all me (since Ed will be busy with some important political work for the month), so I could really use the support of a few friendly faces. Oh, and of course there will also be three fabulous readers: Jenny Sampirisi, David Seymour, and my friend and host of the Emerging Writers Reading Series Jess Taylor. There will also be an open mic after the show (which you’re all invited to read at) with sign up during the intermission. You can check out the facebook event here. I hope to see you all on August 1st!

UPDATE: I’m happy to announce that Robert Anderson has just been added to our August lineup as a fourth reader. This promises to be quite the bash…

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