Guest appearance at the Underdog Poets Academy

Howdy all,

Just a quick update, from a poet who’s been quite busy with graduate schoolwork recently. Last Sunday the wonderful Sarah Beaudin invited me to make an unscheduled guest appearance at the Underdog Poets Academy at The Central, where I gave a feature performance a few months ago. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, and had the chance to read some on-the-fly selections of some new poems in a cozy room at one of my favourite reading series in the city! Despite my being woefully unprepared and a little hung over, the great Josh Smith claimed that it was among the best performances he’s seen me give–I think I can take some pride in that! If you missed it, don’t worry–I’m sure I’ll find some time to keep workshopping my new pieces at more than one open mic this winter.

One last note: since I more or less forgot to vend my “O Our Ism” set of broadside-poster erasures, I’ve also been invited to put them up for sale at the next Underdog Poets Academy in late January. If the stars align, I’ll be there to show them off, and to take in whatever poetry’s on offer for that month’s edition of the series.

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