Underdog Poets Academy reminder, and Toronto Street Writers magazine launch!

Hi all,

First, a quick reminder about something I posted earlier: My feature reading at the Underdog Poets Academy is happening this weekend! (Sunday night, specifically.) The event is at The Central, upstairs, and should be scheduled to begin around 7:00pm (though it will most probably begin later, maybe even as far back as 8:00pm). This is one of my favourite reading series–the setting is small and supportive, and the talent is surprising and radical–and you should come out to see it!

Second, if you’re free for Canada Day, I’d highly recommend checking out the Toronto Street Writers’ magazine launch for their 2011-2012 collection, West of What We Know. The Toronto Street Writers is a spectacular youth writing workshop I’ve been part of for several years, so I can vouch for the consistent awesomeness of their zine launches: there will be lots of free food, great performances, and an unparalleled sense of creativity and community. The launch is taking place from 6pm to (approximately) 10pm at the Academy of the Impossible (231 Wallace Avenue, just North of Lansdowne station), on Sunday, July 1st, and it’s completely free. Of course, since I’m part of the group, some of my poems will be appearing in the zine and I’ll be performing briefly at the launch.

I hope to see you at either (or both!) of these incredible events!

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