Feature readings at The Underdog Poets Academy and Livewords!

Hello all!

I’m just coming out of a great week in the world of live poetry, and I have two great pieces of news to announce!

First off, following an exceptional night of performances (and a great open mic spot!) at the wonderfully cozy, supportive and down-in-the-trenches Underdog Poets Academy on May 30th, I’ve been offered a chance to perform at the June installment! I owe many thanks to my friend Sarah Beaudin for the invite, as well as all the hard work she’s put into running a pretty damn unique poetry series. As per the usual format of the Underdog Poets Academy, I’ll be reading alongside some other underpublished, emerging or otherwise “underdog” performers as well as one poet who’s already made a name for themselves in the literary world. A date hasn’t yet been picked for the event as far as I’m aware, but it will be happening this month at The Central, upstairs.

Second, a fabulous evening at the Livewords reading series last Thursday has yielded an equally fabulous surprise: a chance to perform at Livewords in September! It seems I’ve been recruited by Ed Nixon, a man I don’t mind saying publicly I adore, to perform at the September installment of Livewords on September 6 at The Black Swan. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ll also be performing alongside three poets I’m variously familiar with: Natalie Zina Walschots, who I’ve volunteered for at The Scream literary festival; Josh Smith, a charismatic Buffalonian and regular of the Toronto poetry scene; and Jessica Bebenek, a friend and fellow poet in York’s creative writing program (who’s recently been sharing some interesting anecdotes about me in her blog…). The reading is still a few months away (don’t worry, I’ll post a reminder somewhere down the line), but it’s already looking like it’ll be a spectacular night!

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One thought on “Feature readings at The Underdog Poets Academy and Livewords!

  1. John Nyman says:

    Update: The June Underdog Poets Academy reading at the Central is now scheduled for Sunday, June 24!

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