New broadside-posters available at upcoming readings!

Hi all,

It’s now the day after my spectacular feature at Rochdale Rhymes and Readings with Lisa Young and Ian Hanna (if you missed it, it was a lot of fun and a wonderful night all around) and just a few days before my next feature at The Secret Handshake Gallery this Sunday, and I’d like to take the chance to post about my newest art/printing/publishing project!

Last night at the Regal Beagle (with a just-printed package from Staples and a borrowed pen), I debuted a set of (so far) 8 broadsides from a series of erasures tentatively titled O Our Ism. The broadsides are scanned and reprinted spreads from a large book of photographs spanning the 150-year history of photojournalism, whose captions I have selectively whited out to construct erasure poems on the images’ margins. The result is a series of rather poster-like (they’re printed on glossy paper) sheets featuring huge prints of historic photographs dwarfing narrow columns of my own minimalistic, visual found poetry.

Following a very successful showing-off last night, I’ll now be signing and selling copies of the broadsides at my upcoming readings for $4 each (or 2 for $7, or 3 for $10). If you’re interested, come out and take a look! (Oh, and stay for the live readings, too.)

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