Upcoming feature reading at The Beautiful and The Damned

Hello everyone!

I have excellent news! Over the past two months, I’ve read in the open mic segments of the inaugural editions of The Beautiful and The Damned, a somewhat queer-themed “poetry cabaret” hosted by David Bateman (who has a wonderful singing voice and also looks great in a dress). As a result, I’ve been invited to perform as a feature reader at The Beautiful and The Damned’s upcoming show on July 14 at 7pm (it looks like I’ll be first up after the open mic, so get there on time!). The reading will be held at Zelda’s bar and restaurant (upstairs) at 692 Yonge St. (just south of Yonge and Bloor).

For those not in the loop, being a feature reader means that I’ll get a full 20 minutes (give or take) to entertain the audience with my poems, alongside having my bio featured on the show’s event page and introduced by the night’s host. Obviously, I’m extremely excited, and I’m planning to put together a pretty full set with a few of my older performance pieces and whole slew of new stuff. If I put enough time into obsessively revising and re-revising over the next few days, I’m also hoping to do something monstrously unthinkable at a poetry reading–recite my entire set from memory!

The event is free, with donations accepted during intermission, so I hope anyone who’s interested can make it out for a great night!

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